Unleash Your Full Leadership Potential

Through Expansive Leadership Coaching, accomplished business leaders unleash their full leadership potential and achieve the life and work they crave.



Do you:

  • “Struggle with the juggle”? Want to accelerate your professional growth, amplify your impact, AND truly have a life?
  • Wonder if you are really up to the challenge?  Are you good enough, ready enough or smart enough?
  • Want to elevate your self awareness and communication skills to more effectively navigate your workplace?
  • Need new strategies to build an inclusive, top-notch team who brings their full humanness to work each day?
  • Question what’s next for you or if you are in the right place?
  • Crave a trusted sounding board so you can confidentially discuss the complexities of your environment and the challenges you experience?


You’ve Come to the Right Place…

You want to have it all.  You know this work is not easy.  And you know there HAS to be a way. 

 I’m here to let you know that there IS a way!  It just might not look the way you think it “should”. And, it’s worth the effort it takes to get there.  I know because so many of my current and past clients are living this life (and so am I!)



You have unique gifts that are needed and only YOU can bring them into the world. You want to have a greater impact and you know you can if you get the right support.

As your trusted advisor, I’ll provide a powerful set of tools and the roadmap you need to level up your leadership effectiveness and personal fulfillment.


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I’m Carol Pfeiffer and I’m an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant based in the Denver/Boulder Metro area and working globally both virtually and in-person (when possible).  Our world is reinventing itself.  I want to help you reinvent yourself and your organization to meet the demands of today’s workplace and changing home life.  Whether it’s through coaching, workshops, assessments or team effectiveness work, I want to help you grow your leadership effectiveness so you can have a greater impact while experiencing tremendous joy and fulfillment in your life.