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Through Expansive Leadership Coaching, accomplished executives uncover their full leadership potential and step into their greatness.



Are you an executive or business leader who feels stuck in your current role and wants to:


  • Enhance your people skills and elevate your emotional intelligence so you can expand your impact?
  • Develop a powerful management toolbox so you can dramatically enrich your leadership effectiveness?
  • Have a trusted sounding board so you can confidentially discuss the complexities of your environment?
  • Break out of your box so you can courageously breathe new life into your career?
  • Make a more profound impact on your organization and team?
  • Find deeper personal and professional fulfillment in your life and work?


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You have unique gifts that are needed and only YOU can bring them into the world. You want to have a greater impact and you know you can if you get the right support.

As your trusted advisor, I’ll provide the tools and the roadmap you need to level up your leadership effectiveness and personal fulfillment.


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I’m Carol Pfeiffer and I’m an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant based in the Denver/Boulder Metro area. Whether it’s through executive coaching, leadership development programs or workshops, I want to help you grow your leadership effectiveness so you can have a greater impact while experiencing tremendous joy and fulfillment in your life.