“I haven’t cried tears of joy and recognition this much in well over 30 years. My Insights Discovery profile is so spot on it’s crazy.”
~Paul Dunay, Financial Services and US Brexit Marketing Leader, PwC


Insights Discovery is a powerful, game-changing assessment tool that is used to help people better understand themselves as leaders, as team members, and as individuals.

It’s a journey toward self-awareness and the awareness of others. When people truly understand themselves and their impact on others, and when they make more informed choices in how they show up as a result, their potential is limitless.

When your leaders have great awareness of themselves and others, they are able to put actionable plans in place to more effectively adapt and connect with others. This allows them to focus their attention on creating value for your business rather than on unhealthy team dynamics.


“90% of Top Performers are considered to be highly self-aware”



Watch this video to see how Insights Discovery can positively impact your organization.



As a Licensed Practitioner and Distributor for Insights Discovery, I offer the following:


  • Introduction to Insights Discovery Workshop:
    • Participants will receive an individualized profile, learn about the color energies, the graphs, and how to immediately apply their learnings to their workplace. The color energies model uses four distinct color energies, which can be applied in your daily life to help you understand why you behave in the way you do and why other people might behave differently.
    • Learnings include: What is Perception and Why is it So Important in the Workplace; Awareness of Self and Others; Impact of Your Style on Your Team; Adapting and Connecting to Others.
    • Your team will also receive a Team Color Wheel to see how their color energies are distributed and learn what this means for them.
    • Introduction to The Eight Types (Archetypes).


  • Insights Team Effectiveness:
    • Building on learnings from the Introduction Workshop, your team will dive into assessing their team strengths and opportunities from a color energy perspective and they will learn what strategies will support the gaps.
    • We will also assess your team wheel opportunities, pitfalls and next steps, perceived value to the team, opposite types and blind spots.
    • Customized exercises will allow for work in areas such as trust-based vulnerability, giving and receiving feedback cross-functionally, and healthy conflict.


  • Customized Insights Discovery Workshops:
    • In-depth customized group coaching using your team’s color distribution, profiles and Team Wheel.
    • Allows us to dive into specific issues that are impeding your team’s success.


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