Through my 5 step “Expansive Leadership Coaching Process,” we will work together to uncover your greatness, find deep fulfillment and unleash your potential.


5-Step Expansive Leadership Coaching Process


 Foundation – This initial leadership coaching phase is about planting deep roots to facilitate the expansion of your potential. We will work together to uncover your:

  • Core Values
  • Purpose & Vision
  • Dreams (including the ones you’ve forgotten about or put on the shelf)
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Inner Wisdom


Exploration – In this phase of the leadership coaching process, we will look at how you see yourself.

Using my Insights Discovery Tool®, we will gain an understanding of your natural, instinctive preferences as well as your conscious choices when it comes to how you show up at work and in life. We’ll uncover the gap between the two, and what that means for you and those around you.


Assessment – Now, we dive into how others see you as we continue the leadership coaching process.

Using the Shift+ 360® method, an interview-based 360 Leadership Assessment Process, we will gain a tremendous deep insight into how you are perceived, what is working well,  and suggestions for development.  


Integration – In this phase of the leadership coaching process, we create your roadmap.

Using the knowledge and experience gained from the first three phases, we connect the dots and create a roadmap for your success that bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Expansion – In the final phase of the leadership coaching process, you will take a leap of growth.

With your roadmap in place, you are ready to show up in a new, more expansive way.  Your newfound awareness of self and others, combined with a deep connection to your values and purpose, will propel you in directions you never thought possible.


With this 5-step process, the possibilities are endless! If you are eagerly waiting to experience your best self, this is the journey that will get you there.


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Why “Expansive”?


The definition of Expansive is “being able to grow.”

When we come from a place of expansiveness, we are open and able to grow.

  • Our minds can see the big picture and all the possibilities
  • Our hearts are open to give and receive
  • Our hands can create what never existed before
  • Our leadership can inspire, support, connect, and develop


Engaging in the Expansive Leadership Coaching Process is about developing your growth mindset and opening yourself up to new possibilities and perspectives. When we expand, our heart, body and mind has the space to receive the unique gifts of others and to share our unique gifts with others.

If we are not expanding, we are contracting.

When we are contracting, we are closed off, and we turn inward and retreat (like looking into a corner and feeling stuck or trapped). We hold back from sharing our unique gifts with the world. We close ourselves off from receiving what we need most from others, and we are not open to the possibilities and perspectives of others.

As we work together through my Expansive Leadership Coaching Process, your capacity to grow will expand with each session or workshop.

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