The Powerful Lessons of Getting Lost – March 11, 2019 — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for this Carol. I am recording my journey as I take a leap away from all that I created thinking that was what everybody wanted from me, but what I discovered is that my followers wanted me to keep doing what brought me a following in the first place; writing, life travel and connecting.

    I keep going in and out of a fog, but have somebody coaching me on how to be comfortable in the not knowing. I think finally, I have figured a lot of it out, and of course, once one feels aligned all providence moves, you just have to be ready for the ride once it comes.

    • Hi Jillian – thanks so much for sharing a part of your story here. I’m happy to hear you have someone to coach your through the “not knowing”. Another person can be a critical mirror for you…helping you see what you could not see on your own. I hope you throw your arms up in air, laugh and appreciate the ride when it shows up for you! Cheers – Carol

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