Why You Should Celebrate Your Wins – May 6, 2019 — 2 Comments

  1. I am very blessed in this. My company takes the time to celebrate the big wins with events for the group and recognition in small accomplishments for individuals. Because I have never before worked for a company that does this I find it wonderfully amazing! As a leader of my team, I tend to really celebrate the wins with my team not only with recognition but also with simple things like donuts and coffee brought in for them. Taking the time to celebrate brings the team together for better collaboration on smaller projects as well as the big projects.

  2. Carie – thanks for sharing your comments. I’m so excited to hear that you and your company are doing such a great job with recognition and celebration. I can tell it’s making a big difference in how you feel about your organization and the results your team is getting. Keep it up!

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