Shift+ 360®


Sometimes, a full executive coaching package isn’t the right fit, yet we can all benefit from in-depth feedback and support. If you haven’t had a 360 Assessment recently or if you’ve never had one, my process will jumpstart your development and give you invaluable information about how others see you at work, what they want more of from you and how they can support you. 

Let’s face it, most 360s are not fun and don’t create lasting change.  My approach is different.

The mission of Shift+ 360® is to help clients “create sustainable positive change with others by building systems of support”.
~Change Positive, LLC



Your Shift+ 360 Package Includes:

  • Shift+ 360® Method
    • This 360 is unlike any other.  It is an interview method based in positive psychology and a people-systems approach.
    • We will create an environment that is conducive to deeper, lasting change, where all are stakeholders in your success.
    • Each stakeholder will be engaged by providing specific, actionable feedback, offering reinforcement, and sharing the “one thing” they will commit to in support of your development.
  • Interviews
    • 7-9 one-hour interviews with your boss, peers and direct reports
  • Debrief & Development
    • A 2½ hour debrief session to review feedback, highlight strengths and opportunities, review the “one thing” each stakeholder has committed to in support of your development
    • A co-active approach to creating your development plan
    • Tools to help you continue to engage your people-system in support of your success.


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