Clients & Testimonials

I have been working with Carol for over a year and a half, starting with her at the “halfway” point of my career. I had engaged in executive coaching prior to meeting Carol but was unable to make the connection necessary to gain the trust.

Carol was someone I felt I could trust almost immediately. Her style is empathetic but she will drive you to go to uncomfortable places.

One of her best skills is the ability to grab a nugget of information from something she hears, patterns maybe that give her insight as to what we can do to be happy and gain fulfillment not only through our work but our entire lives. I’m in a place now that I wasn’t sure I would ever have the courage to be.

Unquestionably, I’m a better leader, peer and employee for having worked with Carol. Most importantly, I’m happy and gaining more fulfillment every day. I’m very appreciative of the work Carol and I have done and I honestly couldn’t have done it without her.

~Chris Ritzen
Evolving Path, Owner and Principal Consultant

Carol is a fantastic, gifted Executive Coach – digging deep to help her clients live their best lives. Before meeting Carol, I was missing the joy and the spark that I knew I could have with my life. Though I LOVE to work, over the years my job had become all-consuming.

Carol helped me to see the imbalance, gave me tools to self-correct, and helped me uncover activities and projects that re-ignited my creativity and filled some voids.

Carol also helped me to “find my voice” in situations where I would sit back and let the world go by – I was almost complacent not being seen. Though I am still working on all aspects of my life, I now have tools to work through tough situations and I have more balance. Even better, Carol has helped me jump-start my passions for designing and writing. 

~Sarah R.,
Marketing Leader

“I began working with Carol in the Spring of 2017 when as a company we decided to add leadership coaching and training to our core operating processes. Our employees are our #1 asset. We feel that it is critical to ensure we are providing them with all the tools and resources necessary to be effective in delivering for our customers. We see strong leadership to be just as important as a comfortable work space and reliable technology to get their job done. So we made it a point to make an investment there to make our already high performing organization even better.

As a seasoned leader with over 15 years operating in an executive capacity, I worked with Carol 1:1 to fine tune my core principles and values that make me the person and leader I am today. No matter how much experience we have, we can always improve and grow. Awareness is the key to any growth and improvement.

Carol helped me get outside of my comfort zone enabling me to get super clear on what makes me tick and why, what I do well and where I could be even more effective and impactful not only as a leader but as a person too.

The output of our 6 months working together enabled me to make changes not only in my work but personal life that transformed how I lead both professionally and personally. When your why is super clear, every challenge you face, every opportunity you see, every decision you make is easy. Carol helped me get to that place. It truly was a transformative process. 

Additionally, as an organization, we leveraged Carol’s leadership and coaching expertise to create a curriculum of core leadership competencies that we felt every leader (regardless of title) needed to have in their toolbox to be effective. Over the course of the year we took every leader in our organization through a 6 part leadership training program. The end result of that for us is a noticeably stronger management team and increased employee engagement across all of our businesses.

Whether you are a manager of a team or a CEO of an organization and you want to improve your leadership capabilities, I highly recommend Carol to help you get there. Her experience coupled with her strong network of partners and colleagues, there is no leadership challenge she can’t help you overcome.”

~Keith Watson
COO, Peaksware 

“Working with Carol represented the start of a strong partnership in addressing our goal of increasing the leadership capability of people managers at all levels. Carol’s approach starts with listening intently and asking fantastic questions. We iterated collaboratively to create a highly successful six-module Leadership Development program (Leading at Peaksware). The sessions were designed and led by Carol and/or one of her great network of consultants to ensure we were offering valuable learning and insights to this pivotal group. As the CHRO, my role just has too many facets to allow doing this work on my own.

After this experience, it became clear that what she offers multiplies my and other leaders’ capabilities. Our ability to perform as a company has increased as a direct result of her work with us.

~Kelly van Riper
CHRO, Peaksware

Since I started working with Carol I have learned to define what really matters to me, what is holding me back and how can I live my life everyday with purpose.

Now I feel like I have goals for the year that are attainable (but a stretch!), knowledge of the key values that drive my core behaviors, awareness of what holds me back and how to move past that, and best of all, clarity on what matters to develop myself for whatever comes next!”

~Paul Dunay,
Financial Services & US Brexit Marketing Leader, PwC

“Carol’s ability to patiently explore my internal dialogue and draw that out for exploration was incredibly helpful.  Female leaders tend to place additional and complex demands upon themselves.  Carol helped me understand and synthesize these complexities and find points of alignment between my personal and professional values. 

After each session with Carol, I felt empowered, capable and motivated to be my very best at work and in life. 

Our work together has been lasting and powerful.  She is able to pull from many coaching techniques and each session is interesting and unique.  I highly recommend Carol as a personal and professional coach!”

~Elizabeth Howe
Director of Operations, Mountain Capital Partners

“Before working with Carol, I struggled with finding my way of being on an executive team for the first time.  I am on a male dominant team and had been figuring out how to bring the same leadership, compassion and directness, reflected through the team I managed, up to the executive level.  In working with Carol I discovered the executive team wanted more of what I was giving my own team.  They wanted to be able to relate to me instead of my “reporter-like” perceived state.

After working with Carol, I now perceive our executive team very differently.  Women don’t have to put in more energy and time than men in order to prove that they deserve to be in that leadership position. In fact, we are learning that we need men and women to work together with strengths from each side in order to have an impactful company and workforce.  With Carol’s guidance, I  was able to bring the essence of who I am into those executive meetings and across the Company as a whole.  I was no longer playing two roles, one being who I really am and the other being more intense – a role I thought I was supposed take on –  in order to be taken seriously.

I am so fulfilled because now I am working in a more fluid state without burning energy on things that really don’t matter. 

It was different working with Carol than on my own because I had someone who was able to help navigate what I was struggling with and break it down. Sometimes we get in our heads too much and how things are supposed to be that we forget what our heart really yearns for. It takes a lot of energy and self-doubt to lead a life that is not in alignment with your passion or sense of self.

Working with Carol will open up your life.  Her presence created a relaxing and trusting environment where I could be myself.  The way that she asks questions and navigates the conversation helped me to dig really deep to answer those tough questions that we can often struggle getting to on our own.  Carol has helped me define my values as well as my “why” behind the things I do.  By defining these pieces, it has helped me clearly see the things that light me up and why. This has created a sense of purpose as well as understand the drive behind the things I do. The clarity has created a simplicity and a lightness that makes me feel more energized and alive. It has created a deeper awareness of myself that has removed self-doubt and keeps me focused on the things that mean the most to me professionally and personally.

This has elevated me in my professional role with tools that are now ingrained within me for the rest of my life.”

~Emily Pieper
VP Finance & Accounting, Peaksware

“I have thoroughly enjoyed each of my sessions with Carol! She is patient, listens intently without judging, and genuinely cares. She has an incredible skill for coaching and has provided me with the tools to achieve the success I desire, both personally and professionally.

Through her coaching, Carol has helped draw out the answers that were within me all along and has encouraged within me a true sense of self-empowerment.

I highly recommend Carol for your coaching needs!”

Boulder, CO

“My company worked with Carol to offer Executive Coaching to members of our leadership team, and I was one of the lucky recipients of this true gift. The first element that helped seal my complete trust in her was that she comes in with a genuine goal of making sure there is a coaching “fit.” If she isn’t the right coach, she has many varied connections to offer. She certainly was the right fit for me.

Carol brings a strong business background to her repertoire of coaching tools, along with insight and flexibility that facilitates a depth and value I did not anticipate.

I found positive shifts occurred in many areas of my life, not the least among them my ability to perform in, and enjoy my job. I can say without hesitation that I am happier, clearer and more competent than I was before this coaching engagement. I have also seen noticeable positive changes in my peers who worked with her, which has ultimately resulted in a stronger, more effective team.”

~Kelly van Riper
CHRO, Peaksware

“The Secret!   Before working with Carol I struggled with making big changes in my life.  I knew that I wanted to do something different, but wasn’t sure what that was let alone how to go about it. 

I chose to work with Carol because of her sincere desire to help me become the best version of myself. 

I am so happy that I did, because she let me in on the secret.  The secret to making changes, to taking chances, and keeping things in perspective.  I will always be grateful to her!”

~Stephen Junker
Glenwood Insurance

“I recently received a note from someone that I worked closely with for several months. She thanked me for being someone who “truly embodies the idea of women supporting women,” and then she went on to describe the experience as “refreshing and inspiring.”  I cried when I got that note. And then I forwarded it to Carol, because she made that note a reality for me.

Working with Carol has been an amazing experience of self discovery and leadership. She challenges me to move forward while respecting my values and strengths.

After talking to her, I often find that I see all possibilities where before I only saw obstacles. I’ve learned about empathy and vulnerability and embraced them both. I’ve explored curiosity and the art of letting go. I’ve even tackled my imposter syndrome. In fact, I left it crumpled on the floor beside the door that I flung open myself (with her help). I’ve invited myself to meetings dominated by men. And I haven’t once apologized for taking the seat that I deserve.”

~Cathryn Marsh
Financial Services Institute Leader, PwC