“We talk about things in here (Leadership Development Program Modules) that we don’t talk about in the office. It makes it easier to work through things in the office as a result.”
~Jeremy Duerksen, CMO, Peaksware


Leadership Development Program


Is your team in need of a structured approach to Leadership Development?

Perhaps your organization recently experienced rapid growth and you need to get your leaders “on the same page.”

Or maybe you need to see faster growth from your leaders so that they can contribute at a higher level.

Whatever your need, we can design and deliver a custom leadership development program for your organization to propel your coveted leaders to new levels of performance, results and personal fulfillment.



Your Leadership Development Program Includes:


  • Needs Assessment – This will help us define where you are at, where you want to go and how (and how fast) you want to get there.
  • Program Design – We will design a program that works for YOUR team whether that be a dispersed remote team, multi-location, mixed levels of experience or other unique factors.
  • Program Delivery – We will facilitate the program and/or bring in subject matter experts as guest speakers when needed.
  • Program Evaluation – Following the leadership development program, we will evaluate and assess the impact the program had on your organization through both online surveys and one-on-one interviews.


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Half-Day or Full-Day Workshops


Workshops are a great way to keep your team on the same page and help them continue to grow and develop their skills so that they can be more effective, productive, and fulfilled.

Popular Workshops Include:

    • Insights Discovery® – Team Effectiveness
    • Living an Aligned Life – Uncovering Your Core Values and Purpose
    • New Leader Assimilation – Onboarding of a new leader to the team and the team to the leader; fast forward months of assimilation work into 1 day
    • Find Your Why (facilitation of Simon Sinek’s Find Your Why process) for individuals or teams – Discover a deeper level of connection and fulfillment for your work and your life in 1 day.
    • Managerial vs. Leadership Skills – Leadership gets all the attention and for good reason, but managerial skills are just as critical. Learn how they complement each other.
    • Team Effectiveness – 5 Dysfunctions of a Team; Ideal Team Player; Google’s Team Effectiveness Study; Insights Team Effectiveness model
    • Healthy Conflict – Learn how to build vulnerability-based trust within your team. Discover how this trust and a shared vision can get your team on the right path to constructive, meaningful discussions that positively impact your business.


Need something different? Let’s talk. Other workshops or off-site retreats can be custom designed based on your needs.


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